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Build or retrofit your home for comfort and energy efficiency in Stockton, Lambertville & Princeton, NJ or surrounding areas, NJ

Are you consider a new home, and do not want to get hit with high energy bills? Are stay put in your current home and would like to reduce both your monthly bills as well as your carbon foot print? You can get the best of both worlds when you work with Energy Smarts Mechanical LLC in Stockton, Lambertville & Princeton, NJ.

We can build you an energy-efficient home, so you can lower your energy usage. We can retro fit your existing home in New Jersey through Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES). HPwES provides guide lines and descriptive methods for existing homes to reduce energy inputs, add air sealing and quantify your savings. Reach out to us today to learn more about our energy-efficient heating and cooling for these homes. Be sure to ask what tax credits and other incentives that your project may qualify for.

Energy Smarts Mechanical has been building and renovation projects to Geothermal Solutions for over 22 years, and now has embraced the newest Solar PV and storage technologies to bring true Net Zero opportunities for individual customer projects. Energy Smarts Mechanical's goal is to provide the best performance aligned with the ultimate in comfort for their customers projects.

Follow us with our next project, Supper insulated, Geothermal, the roof is pre designed for solar panel loads, if the final customer is ready to commit. Our garage package includes pre wiring for up to an electric car charger.

Building with Federal Tax Credits, currently the Federal Tax Credits are 26% of the entire project, for both Geothermal and Solar.

Not sure what a Federal Tax Credit is are how it helps with your construction project? Let us at Energy Smarts Mechanical help you. Don't take our word for it you should do a little research; however, a tax credit is a direct reduction in the amount of taxes you owe, in a dollar-for dollar reduction. If an eligible project is constructed. A simple example is for every $1,000 in eligible expense the person incurring the expense receive $ 1,000 in reduction in Taxes owed.

How do we create energy-efficient homes?

Our goal is to create net-zero homes, which are energy-efficient homes that produce as much renewable energy as they use. We do this by installing eco-friendly features, like:

Solar panels
Electric car chargers
Geothermal furnaces
Energy-efficient appliances
Energy Star windows and doors

Ready to get started on your eco-friendly home? Set up an appointment with our team today.

What are Eligible Geothermal Projects?

Equipment that uses the stored energy from the ground for heating and cooling and that meets ENERGY STAR requirements at the time of installation is eligible for the tax credit. Items that a considered 'covered expenditures' include all labor for onsite preparation, assembly, or original system installation and for piping or wiring to connect a system to the home. Of course, the structure must be located in the United States and used as a residence by the taxpayer, although primary residency isn't required. In fact, if geothermal is installed in more than one home, there's no limitation on the number of times the credit can be claimed.

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What are Eligible Solar Projects?

Are you thing about an energy storage device? It may be included in the Tax credit if it is sourced through a solar supply.
Energy storage devices that are charged exclusively by the associated solar PV panels. Were you thinking about either electrical generation or storage? Energy Smarts Mechanical can provide either or both. However, there may be an incentive to adding storage to your build project?

Is it a lot to think about? YES! But we at Energy Smarts Mechanical think about it and study it all of the time. Let us help.

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