Are You Living in an Energy-Efficient Property?

Get an energy audit in Stockton, Lambertville & Princeton, NJ to find out

It's not always easy to know just how eco-friendly your home is. Thankfully, you can get an energy audit when you work with Energy Smarts Mechanical LLC in Stockton, Lambertville & Princeton, NJ. Using top-notch equipment and tests, including carbon monoxide analyzers and blower door tests, we'll assess your home.

After the audit, we'll recommend some energy-saving home improvements and provide you with a list of financial incentives, like federal tax credits, that you could qualify for if you make the recommended upgrades. Set up an appointment for an energy audit today.

Discover our thorough testing checklist

We cover a lot of factors during our energy audit. We'll look at:

Air sealing
Insulation levels
Heating and cooling system efficiency
Hot water system efficiency
Overall comfort level, including indoor air quality
Appliance efficiency
Lighting efficiency
Health and safety issues, like moisture and carbon monoxide levels

Depending on the results of your audit, we may recommend energy-saving home improvements, like sealing gaps around the home, installing new appliances, getting a new boiler, AC, air-source or geothermal heat pumps, mini splits ductless systems or installing spray foam insulation in the attic. Contact us today to learn more.

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