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11/12/11 | FTR = Failure to Release

    Did You Know? Have you heard? FTR = Failure to Release. We at Energy Smarts Mecanical are looking for home owners suffering from FTR. The friend or family member that is in an abusive relationship with a contractor; the contractor who never finishes anything but the bill.

    We at Energy Smarts Mechanical are your State Authorized Treatment Facility for this terrible, co-dependant relationship - FTR.

    These people are easy to identify. You will hear them complain about how the contractor who never finishes, saying ... "They fixed it last month, but they're back again this month with gum and toothpicks solutions to technical problems. But ... I've always used them!"

    Our Whole Home Comfort solutions, with licensed/trained technicians, are the prescription for FTR. So, when you hear someone say "I'm paying for huge service bills, and systems that never work, and now they want me to buy a new unit! I don't think they know what they are doing, but their kids went to school with mine 20 yrs ago!" ... tell them to turn to their contractor and say "It's not your fault, I shoulda Fired you years ago - now I'm going Energy Smart. First for help with FTR, then for help with my home mechanical systems!"

    Energy Smarts Mechanical | The Cure for the Common Contractor

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11/10/11 | State Clean Energy Funds

    Did you know that the State Clean Energy Fund has money to give to homeowners for energy conservation, and more money to lend at 0% interest.

    We at ESM are looking for people that are plagued with high utility bills, faulty insulation, and bad mechanical systems.

    Houses that are 50 years old or older, have a huge opportunity to maximize their home utility conversion and to up-grade their energy performance with an Energy Star contractor's Home Performance, with Energy Star and Clean Edison.

    So, when you hear someone say ... "I don't know how I'm going to afford heat this winter. My feet are always cold; get my house coat." Tell them you have a friend that can help fix their home's performance.

    A State Approved Home Energy Audit starts with a Nationally Accredited PBI Contractor, and opens the door to $5,000 in clean energy rebates and $10,000 in no-interest loans.

    Energy Smarts Mechanical | The Cure for the Common Contractor

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10/06/11 | Is Your Spouse Hot? He or She Could Be!:

    Why Go through the winter with a cold shoulder ... cold feet ... or a cold spouse when Energy Smarts Mechanical is here to help?

    We are looking for couples and families in distress and unrest, unprepared for the upcoming cold season.

    You will hear them say, "Gotta get my house coat ... gotta get my warm slippers!" or "Leave your coat on while you visit; I can't keep my house warm."

    Let them know you have a friend that can make them hot again ... comfortable again ... happy again! Tell them we only help 50 households a year and we have direct access to State funding and Energy Star Savings. BPI ACCREDITED.

    When you give out my business card, you could be saving a relationship! Tell them You have a friend: Energy Smarts Mechanical!

    Roger Locandro
    Energy Smarts Mechanical | The Cure for the Common Contractor

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09/01/11 | People With Flooded Basements:

    Don't forget ... people that have flooded basements have serious plumbing and heating problems; units that have been flooded are dangerous to start!

    If you or anyone you know has had a flooded basement or storm damage, tell them you have a friend!

    Even if the units re-start, the boiler can crack and leak CO or gas or asbestos into the house. Also, silt deposits can change safety limits and jeopardize control, affecting the accuracy and ability for units to operate correctly.

    We only charge $125.00 for a service call and $85/hour for repairs.

    If you or your friends or your family need replacement units, our State Program can still help with funding, and we have the Licence requirements for insurance work.

    Power is on in some areas ... other areas are still being turned on. Be careful: Water, electric and gas don't always mix well!

    Roger Locandro
    Energy Smarts Mechanical | The Cure for the Common Contractor

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08/25/11 | "ISS" = Irritable Spouse Syndrome:

    Did You Know? Have you heard!? As the heat index increases, the instances of "ISS" increases!

    We at Energy Smarts Mechanical Are your State Authorized Treatment Facility for this terrible, tragic, and often permanent, affliction. Many are affected with this debilitating syndrome! None suffer silently ... and none are pleasant to be around! Some even exude a distinct odor! There is help ... however, early treatment is necessary.

    Our Whole Home Comfort solution is the prescription for ISS.

    So When you Hear someone say, "My spouse is so cranky over this heat ... I can't sleep at night, and with all the grumbling, I may need legal advice!!!" You can say, "Wait! Maybe it's just a case of ISS and isn't permanent ... but it is contagious!" And then you can tell them you have a friend who is State Approved to help them with the treatment of ISS and they no longer need to suffer, rolling in a sea of sweat!

    Energy Smarts Mechanical | The Prescription for ISS
    We've Been Green A Long Time!

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